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  1. Hi Guys . This is my first writeup in shell crew , So plz ignore my grammertical and spelling mistake😝... So many newbie when they come to cybersec field and ask to anyone how to start then , every experience person says , complete your basic . That's totally correct to clear the basic because its helps to understand and figure out cybersecurity stuffs in future.... So , the problem is that almost no will come and personally teach you the basic, and Don't know that what are the topics that he/she should to clear the basic ... Now many people will say that everything is already available on internet, but there you will not can get in proper categories manner or step by step process So, to help new people in Cyber sec i made a github repo where i made alll the basic in step by step manner with lessons Its just a small contribution by me ..........i know people there doing more better then me but i blv if even one person get help by my repo . That's enough for me My repo - https://github.com/rhonnysharma/Beginner Ok Now lets assume you are that person why cleared all your basic thet you can vist this repo - https://github.com/rhonnysharma/Web-Pentesting In my repo you will get all the latest - Checklist, latest bypass payload, roadmap etc that will be from twitter-Instragram-various infosys writeups....... Benifits---> No need to figure out latesr tips, payload methods etc from twitter-Instragram-various infosys writeups. Get ecerything from one place Thanks For Reading 😛
  2. Dak ka acha laga ki ya sab ka ans muja ata ha . Itni kushi 😭😭😭😭
  3. Hi , This side Abhishek Gupta. I m 12 passed simple non-technical boy and a life long Learner. My main interest is in web penetesting and Api penetesting, but i loved to explore other field like malware analysis, digital forensics, cloud. If you have any help or doubt then you can connect me, i will help you as much as i can 🤗