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  1. So,every time you visit a website you see it's cool interface and you start thinking that on what tech stack/ language it is build on. So, today am gonna make your work a little easy. If you get fascinated by a website's UI/UX, it's front-end then do the following steps it will help you to know that it's UI is build on which stack and what programming language have been used. STEPS - Visit the target website that might be build on REACT or any other extensible JS Library/Frameworks. Go to console through "INSPECT ELEMENT" by right clicking on the page or simply by doing "CTRL+SHIFT+I". Paste this code in the console and see the output. if(!!window.React || !!document.querySelector('[data-reactroot], [data-reactid]')) console.log('React.js'); if(!!window.angular || !!document.querySelector('.ng-binding, [ng-app], [data-ng-app], [ng-controller], [data-ng-controller], [ng-repeat], [data-ng-repeat]') || !!document.querySelector('script[src*="angular.js"], script[src*="angular.min.js"]')) console.log('Angular.js'); if(!!window.Backbone) console.log('Backbone.js'); if(!!window.Ember) console.log('Ember.js'); if(!!window.Vue) console.log('Vue.js'); if(!!window.Meteor) console.log('Meteor.js'); if(!!window.Zepto) console.log('Zepto.js'); if(!!window.jQuery) console.log('jQuery.js'); If a website is build on the above mentioned JS Libraries/Frameworks then it will give u your output in this format. You can also use a cool extension named React Developer Tools . That will help you a lot to inspect React Components,hooks,elements. So, I hope you loved this trick and if then do react,comment and share with others. Keep Learning Keep Growing!!
  2. The Project Credit goes to @AS Hacker Am Posting from his behalf. So in this python code with the help of turtle graphics we would gonna print the National Flag Of INDIA. 🙏 It's a short crisp project. Hope you learn something new out of it. So, let's roll. So, here's the source code with explanation to it. So enjoy reading. import turtle from turtle import* #screen for output screen = turtle.Screen() # Defining a turtle Instance t = turtle.Turtle() t.speed(10) # initially penup() t.penup() t.goto(-400, 250) t.pendown() # Orange Rectangle #white rectangle t.color("orange") t.begin_fill() t.forward(800) t.right(90) t.forward(167) t.right(90) t.forward(800) t.end_fill() t.left(90) t.forward(167) # Green Rectangle t.color("green") t.begin_fill() t.forward(167) t.left(90) t.forward(800) t.left(90) t.forward(167) t.end_fill() # Big Blue Circle t.penup() t.goto(70, 0) t.pendown() t.color("navy") t.begin_fill() t.circle(70) t.end_fill() # Big White Circle t.penup() t.goto(60, 0) t.pendown() t.color("white") t.begin_fill() t.circle(60) t.end_fill() # Mini Blue Circles t.penup() t.goto(-57, -8) t.pendown() t.color("navy") for i in range(24): t.begin_fill() t.circle(3) t.end_fill() t.penup() t.forward(15) t.right(15) t.pendown() # Small Blue Circle t.penup() t.goto(20, 0) t.pendown() t.begin_fill() t.circle(20) t.end_fill() # Spokes t.penup() t.goto(0, 0) t.pendown() t.pensize(2) for i in range(24): t.forward(60) t.backward(60) t.left(15) #to hold the #output window turtle.done() output-flag_FHroUYa7.mp4
  3. Here is a list for free Penetration Testing & Red Teaming Labs you can build locally and use it to practice & upgrade your skills. https://lnkd.in/dyTx2GCZ https://lnkd.in/dZPRibiM https://lnkd.in/du8d2wJ7 https://lnkd.in/dhTtxMgp https://lnkd.in/dS9wDk9G https://lnkd.in/dXdBuVWX https://lnkd.in/d3zQGkvu https://lnkd.in/d2hWRUex https://lnkd.in/dY6TewhF https://lnkd.in/d448tvkn https://lnkd.in/dux7FfiC https://lnkd.in/d-fWN6uf https://lnkd.in/dy7AqdJw Have a funny Offensive Time. 🤑😁🆒