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  1. Android Penetration Testing is a process of testing and finding security issues in an android application. ... This training covers real-time testing of android applications and some security issues like insecure logging, leaking content providers, insecure data storage and access control issues. Learning about the basics of android pentesting. Throughout the lectures you will be covering how to start analysing android application and cover different vulnerabilities in the vulnerable application DIVA : Damn Insecure and Vulnerable Application. Lets take a look at some important areas we are going to cover in our series - 1. We will reverse the application to get the source code. 2. We will be analysing the application code and finding the vulnerability. 3. We will understand the difference between unzipping and decompiling an apk. 4. We will capture the browser requests of our mobile on the kali vm and analyse the traffic. 5. The vulnerabilities we are going to cover are : Insecure Logging Hardcoding Issues Insecure Data Storage Input Validation Issue Access Control Issue In the end of of the series we will complete all the 13 exercises of DIVA application and learn the basics of android penetration testing. Who should go through this series those who are: Beginner in Ethical Hacking Beginner in Android Pentesting Android Hacking Beginners Beginner in Mobile Security