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These terms and conditions govern the way in which we supply courses to you, including free and paid courses.

Please read these terms carefully before you submit your order to us. These terms tell you who we are, how we will provide courses to you, how you and we may change or end the contract, what to do if there is a problem, and other important information. All rights not expressly granted in these terms are hereby reserved.

You agree to review this Agreement periodically to ensure that you are aware of any amendments to this agreement, which may be made at any time.



We develop, distribute and maintain the courses and will also provide you with log-in details. We will also manage your access to the courses and provide support to you, where necessary. There are free as well as paid courses available. You will have the right to access free courses of your choice partially. After a certain point, you will have to register yourself for the particular course to get full access.

You shall not copy, modify, transmit, distribute or in any way exploit the courses (notes, a question bank, etc) or any other copyrighted materials provided other than for your training. Any other purpose is expressly prohibited under these terms. You shall also not permit anyone else to copy, use, modify, transmit, distribute or in any way exploit the Products or any other copyrighted materials.

We provide the materials as it is and without any warranties, whether express or implied, except those that cannot be excluded under the statute. We also do not warrant that the materials will be error-free, including technical inaccuracies.



The starting date of your access to the Product is deemed to be the date of purchase. We will be in touch with you through our chatbot or other sources. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all course content has been completed within the allocated period. If you do not think this will be possible, then extensions of time are available for purchase at an additional cost.

We will take all commercially reasonable steps to provide you with uninterrupted access to the courses. However, your access may be restricted from time to time for reasons beyond our control. Such reasons include force majeure events, power outages, and actions from computer hackers and others acting outside the law. Your access may also be interrupted due to software issues, server downtime, increased Internet traffic, programming errors, regular maintenance, and other related reasons. Where this is the case, we will take commercially reasonable steps to restore your full access within a reasonable period of time.

Our joint aim is to provide courses and materials of high quality. As such, improvements or changes to the Products or any other materials may occur at any time without prior notification to ensure that they are up to date and accurate. Where your access to the courses is restricted for any of the above reasons, we may provide you with a free extension of time at our sole discretion.


All rights, title, and interest in intellectual property rights relating to the courses including copyright, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, improvements, developments, proprietary information, processes, methods, business plans or models (including computer software and preparatory and design materials thereof) and all other intellectual property (whether registered or not) developed or created from time to time shall exclusively be owned by Shell Crew. While you may utilize the intellectual property, you understand that there shall be no transfer of ownership of the same.

Nothing that you see or read in the courses may be copied, reproduced, modified, distributed, transmitted, republished, displayed, or performed for commercial use. All the other trademarks, service marks, and trade names in this material are the marks of the respective owners and any unauthorized use is prohibited.



The prices of our courses are fixed and non-negotiable. While there are free contents that you have the right to access anytime. We use third-party payment providers, depending on how you make payments – G-Pay and PayPal. Payment for the Products must be made at the point of purchase.

You agree to provide payment for the courses you are enrolling in the stipulated currency. Please note that we must receive your payment in full before providing you with access to the courses. Your payment includes the licensing of the Products for a limited period of time that is appropriate for the eLearning content. We are unable to provide a refund if you fail to complete the content within the allocated time, except at our absolute and sole discretion. In consideration of your payment, we will grant you a license to use the purchased eLearning courses This license is limited, revocable, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, and non-transferable, and is subject to the rights and obligations granted under these Terms.

We reserve our right to review and change the pricing of any of our courses. This will not affect courses that have already been purchased. This license is personal to you and cannot be shared or exchanged with others.



Where courses are delivered to you immediately after the course starts, you will not have the right to change your mind. In other cases, you may change your mind within 2-3 days but we will refund half of the money, so long as materials have not been provided to you, downloaded, streamed, or otherwise accessed. If you do wish to cancel, please contact us via email.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet the system requirements, including compatible hardware, software, telecommunications equipment, and Internet service, before purchasing any content. We are unable to provide refunds where your access to the courses is inhibited due to insufficient system requirements.



If you are a student, the Services enable you to ask questions to the instructors of courses or other content you are enrolled in and to post reviews of content. For certain content, the instructor may invite you to submit content as “homework” or tests. Don’t post or submit anything that is not related to us and our course. You must not put any malicious file on the website, and if we find such a thing, we may take legal action against you. While studying in a group or live sessions be in a manner, do not misbehave. You can contact us or the instructor provided to you if you come across any doubt/issue. Contents provided to you are authorized by Shell_Crew and you must not share them with other authorities. If we found you guilty, we may take action against it.



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